Aquatic and Wetland Plant Forum

This site is intended as a forum for discussion of current ideas and problems relating to the ecology, conservation, identification, taxonomy of and survey methods for wetland plants.
The aims are to facilitate exchange of ideas and information and to enable those with an interest in the fields covered to find out where the most up to date information is. It is hoped that this site will attract queries as well as answers, i.e. that subscribers will also be active contributors. The site is entirely free and is open both to subscribers and non-subscribers.
The site is split into five sections:

Conservation This section consists of reviews of the international status of taxa and of management problems and solutions             
Ecology A central point for exchange of ideas and information, for individuals and institutions to inform others about their work             
Identification This section deals with problems with the identification of aquatic and wetland plants and their solution             
Taxonomy This section allows botanists working on a particular taxon to inform others about their work and feeds into the other three sections             
Survey Methods The aim of this subsection is to compile and review information on methods for aquatic macrophytes with a view to preparing guidance on which methods may be suitable to address particular data needs.             

An additional page has been set up to host a bibliography. Initially I will operate this page, if people can send full references to publications of particular relevance to an ongoing or previous discussion, I will copy these onto the bibliography which will be available to anyone accessing the site. If it becomes appropriate, I will add another page with an index of institutions associated with each field of work.
The site is built around a series of E-mail lists associated with each of the sections above. You can freely subscribe to one or more list, either by visiting the particular section, or the subscriptions page. Whether you subscribe or not, you can review the archives for each section from the section pages or the subscriptions page.

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